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Thursday, 3 May 2012

from Nelle Creations a lace find....cover your shoes

DIY Lace Heels

Surprising they were very easy to make!
What you need: old black heels, lace material, hot glue gun,scissors)
I started at the back and started gluing the material to the edge of the shoe. I did this all around the whole shoe.

Will look something like this after the bottom is all glued
Next, you can cut off any excess material that won't be needed

Start at the back again and start to pull the material up tight and glue it all around the top
Once the top is all glued you will have excess material hanging over the inside of the shoe.
Pull the material again and glue it down inside the heel.
and last you can take your scissors and trim up any uneven pieces.

And there you have it! New lace heels
Spring, $49.99

DIY Lace Heels, $1.99 (or how much your lace was)

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