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Sunday, 30 October 2011

decor find - House beauliful

Today on House Beautiful

another craft gossip find with tutorial link

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 10:34 AM PDT
Over at the blog Simply Me there is a wonderful tutorial on how to transform an old multi-pane window into a wonderful collage of wall art. Check out Valery’s tutorial on window pane collage art and make one yourself!

another vintage rake use - crarft gossip

Organizing Tools with a RakeHow brilliant is this? I love how simple but smart this is. Found this on Do It Yourself via Pinterest. — Outdoor Ideas – Accents – Garden Display – Do It Yourself.

photo in a jar share - very creative

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 03:53 AM PDT
Oil Jar Photo Display
I’m totally loving this idea. Mason jar + Olive + Photograph = an awesome photo display for your home. What a great gift idea! See it at — DIY: Photographs in Oil « The Funky Bear.

Etsy finds crochet a new TREND?

Etsy a must for all hooker inspiration finds

"Handmade means creating that perfect piece while allowing the flaws to be a part of the perfection." — Kristen Dressler
Image by KittyDune

I am ding this one...for Bella Crochet on ETSY FINDS

Bizarre Crochet Patterns: from Fave Crafts - worth the smile

Decor - home share ---Family Bunch

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 03:19 AM PDT
Lovely! That was the word I said when I saw this sweet family home located in Scullsgate, just outside of London, England. This place feels like a movie set where you see that big, happy family living and exploring life. Every room is totally family friendly. You don’t see anything the kids can’t really touch, you can’t find a room that feels too precious, everything feels so down-to-earth, so natural and as comfortable as can be.
As you know, I love posting amazing homes that makes us dream, but I’m a huge believer that we don’t need to have a mansion to have a beautiful home. Beautiful homes come in many different sizes and styles and to be truly honest, homes like this one speak even more to my heart.
I really hope you can feel the warmth of this adorable home.
A Chair and a Friend
Oh, I’m really wishing I had that blue chair. This dog is so cute and he’s posing too. Doesn’t he look serious?

That blue tray is simple and brings a beautiful punch of color to the living room. The flower arrangements are delightful.
A quilted daybed and an armoire. Can’t miss the comfy flooring, too.

I’m looking for something like this to add to my house. Extra storage is always welcome around here!
The owner loves this kitchen where she spends so much time baking. This is such a simple yet adorable kitchen.

Bunting & a Piano
This piano adds some fun to this place! I can imagine the mother cooking while the kids practice their piano lessons.

Pinks and Blues
Lovely! Notice the colorful mugs above the stove. Aren’t they adorable? Have I told you I love mugs?
What a gorgeous turquoise hutch.

I always like seeing frames on stairs. It feels so personal and so “home sweet home.”
A beautiful way to display beautiful moments.

Master Bedroom
Judging by this bed, you know the woman that lives here is a romantic at heart. I already like her!

Other Side
Other view of the master. Pretty curtains.

A Girl
A real kid’s bedroom. Not all “magazine ready” and I like that.

Lovely! I love the suitcase collection and the medicine cabinet.

Don’t you feel happy to see this place? I think it’s filled with love.
 Homes like this one makes me want to add more “sweetness” around my own home. I feel inspired.

hooked on Crochet - share

 My Favorite Vickie Pattern:
Oversized Olive Jacket: I love that this jacket is so roomy because you can wear it during the summer with a tank or during the winter with a bulky long sleeved shirt for extra warmth. Stitch.Rock.Love. Sheep(ish) from Caron yarn is used from Vickie's new line of yarn.

tutorial find.....crochet / beginner?

What Would You....

What would you do to make this the scarf of your dreams? The Easy Fashion Scarf is great for beginners.
Leave a comment on the site and let me know what you think!
Time to Create:  One Sitting

Difficulty: Beginner

Rating: 4 Star Rating