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Monday, 22 August 2011

amazing....body art done with Henna

Posted: 22 Aug 2011 06:30 AM PDT
Henna (Mehndi) is used by South Asians, for traditionally celebrating events, weddings and festivals. 
I love Henna. Here is a round up of a few wonderful New Henna Designs of 2011 for all my South Asian friends, that I loved the most. I hope all my other readers also find it fascinating, as it surely does appeal to the eyes.
The Arabic Henna designs are always so pretty. I usually like the designs of the tattoos that are not completely filled, for me less is always more.
Arabic Mehndi Design

I love the use of color in this Henna Design, it looks so vibrant and fun

I like the diamonds and the designing inside on these pretty hands
I always think it's so hard to put Mehndi, I was never good at it. 
It requires a lot of patience and creativity for sure

Now this is the kind of Mehndi design I had on my hands on my wedding. 
Bridal Mehndi Design

People who are really good at applying Mehndi, they literally hold the cone like an artist holds the brush and every now and then you will see amazing ideas coming through.
 Can you imagine shading with a Mehndi cone?

When there are going to be pens for applying Mehndi, things will be a whole lot easier for people like me. :)
And that day I will be trying this design. It looks easier than others. 

A typically empty but unique design

Love this half moon idea on both hands. Beautiful Tattoo design for Eid

Love it!

What beautiful flowers

Easy and cute

Arabic Mehndi designs and Pakistani/Indian Mehndi designs are so merged into each other that I can hardly distinguish anymore. But who wants to distinguish! They all look amazing

A sweet pistachio shaped Henna design

A simple pistachio design. Pistachio designs never go out of fashion.

The bands and flower in Mehndi are always trendy and new.

Pretty scallop shaped design

This is another easy Henna design, for beginners like me with a very clear vision

A garland of flowers applied on hands, a very nice Mehndi design

and finally my most favorite Henna (Mehndi) Design. I am surely going to ask someone to apply this on my hands. :) I especially love the fingers, very pretty

I hope you all enjoyed these wonderful Henna designs. What do you think about it?
I am so excited for Eid, it's the most awaited festival of the year for the Muslims.

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