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Sunday, 24 June 2012

lovely post from http://whiteironstonecottage.blogspot.com/ one of my personal favorite blogs worth a visit

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 09:59 PM PDT
 Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
We have friends
  staying in our guest cottage
Even though it is small it is filled with
The extra large comfy sofa bed
is popular during the summer months with friends and family
 We try to make our guests feel Welcome
By adding the
 little things such as fresh flowers
  candles, lots of pillows and a few books and magazines to read
we hope to make the cottage feel like
 a home away from home
A simple metal cabinet holds extra blankets
  a bar of soap, a few towels and
bottles of water
The great thing about the cottage is
 even though it is near the house 
it is very private
A special cottage for wonderful guests
speaking of feeling special
I am so grateful to all of you
 who entered the 
vintage tin heart giveaway
I enjoyed reading all of your sweet comments and meeting new friends too
 The winner is
Kathy from
 Creative Home Expressions 

I will be selling  the tin  hearts in my online shop
 they are $45 dollars
  each one is one of a kind custom made

 Thank You all again for entering the giveaway
 I truly

 you all

romantic saying for today
"Home is where ever I am with you"

Friday, 22 June 2012

A old kettle ...A herb garden Great find...from Funky Junk

Posted: 20 Jun 2012 11:56 PM PDT
herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors
Growing a small herb garden has intrigued me for awhile. So last time I picked up a few plants for the garden, a few fragrant herbs made their way into my basket as well.

Where to put them? Didn't have a clue.
empty old kettles

I just dug around in my junk storage stash and came up with 4 kettle styled containers and thought... hmmm... I like!
herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

Nothing complicated about this project. Some potting soil was all that was added.

spanish moss in plants

Ok, not quite true. A little spanish moss was added to hide the soil. I just like this stuff. It's got such a great texture.

cog gear green

rusty gears cogs

No project would be complete without a few rusty gears! Truth be told, they helped to elevate some of the kettles for added height interest.
old kettle

herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

My favourite herb is spearmint. I remember while growing up, we had a wild bush of it growing inside our old farmhouse garage. A quick little pinch would have me dreaming of gum. :)

There's also two types of thyme that remind me of homemade soup!

I don't remember what the fourth is, but it's all good. I may eventually cook with some of the herbs handy right next to the kitchen, but for the most part, as with most everything else I create...

herb garden planted in old kettles via Funky Junk Interiors

I just like looking at them. :)

a scarf pattern free from laughing purplegoldfish designs A MUST visit

3-2-1 and you're done! it's a curlicue scarf

Curlicues are so simple, and so fun...

pink curlicue scarf

This is my 3-2-1 Curlicue Scarf, and if you can remember the name - you can remember the pattern.

work a row of loose chain as long as you want the scarf to be

row 1 - work 3 dc into each chain

row 2 - work 2 dc into each stitch

row 3 - work 1 sc into each stitch

it's as easy as that 3-2-1 and you're done!
I used a 6.0mm hook and 8ply/DK yarn. Then I used a novelty yarn for row 3 to provide some contrast. Experiment with whatever yarn you like!

a great find in a cold SA...keep warm crocheters

Hydrate in Style With a Crocheted Water Bottle Cover  from about.com crochet

Crocheted Water Bottle Cover - Photo © Erica Jackofsky

Want to keep your water bottle chilled without your hands suffering the same fate? If so, perhaps you'll appreciate this crocheted water bottle cozy. I hope you'll enjoy this project; it's interesting to crochet, plus it's a quick project made using affordable yarns. The free pattern is by Erica Jackofsky.

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From Amy Solovay, your Guide to Crochet