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Monday, 19 September 2011

From Sensational Girl, pashima's as a throw

Striped Pashmina Throw {Simple Sew}

A few weeks ago, my friend Janell sent me a set of five colorful pashmina wraps as a thank you for writing an article for her recent House of Fifty magazine.  I love the silky feeling of them and have several already in my closet in similar colors.  I thought I’d turn a few into a striped throw blanket to toss over a chair or over my lap when I catch up on my reading.
With three pashmina scarves and some batting, I stitched up a simple sew striped throw blanket to add a pop of color to my home.  We’re still having warm days, but the nights are cooler, so I reinvented the pashmina scarves into a transitional throw blanket. 
cg pashina striped throw

It took just a few hours to stitch it together, here’s my step by step!
What you’ll need: 3-4 pashmina scarves/wraps; twin sized quilt batting, sewing machine and thread.

1.  Cut each pashmina in half lengthwise to create stripes for front and back.
cut in half
2.  Sew different colored scarves together to form three stripes on each side (four if you use four scarves).
stitch together

3.  Turn inside out, align seams, and stitch throw blanket covering together lengthwise.  For mine, I left the blue in the middle on both sides, but reversed the orange and green pashmina scarves.
inside out

4. Cut two layers of cotton batting to the size of your throw and pin to one side of your cover.  Turn inside out and smooth batting to fit the inside of your cover (like with a comforter and duvet cover).
layers of batting

5. Machine or hand stitch ends of blanket together.  I preferred the imperfection of a hand stitch so that’s what I used.
hand stitch together

6. Secure batting to cover with small hand stitches every 12 inches.  I used some of the tassels from the ends for a decorative detail.
 ties along middle

That’s it ~  a simple striped throw made from pashmina wraps in an afternoon. 
striped pashmina throw kate

I’ll put it away in a month or so in exchange for some warmer knit throws, but will certainly bring it back out next summer I’m sure! 

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