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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

another bottle idea from turnstyle vogue

DIY: Glass Bottle Makeover

Good morning everyone.

Today I just wanted to show you a little bottle makeover I did earlier this week – just for fun.

I save cool bottles just in case I get a crazy idea and throughout football season and the holidays, I acquired quite a few Winking smile (Bottles, that is.  Not crazy ideas.) 

Yes…many of my bottles are courtesy of Crown Royal, Pendleton, Cabana Bay, and local vineyards. Although I rarely consume, I love the packaging!  Sort of like picking a favorite football team because of their uniforms – which I certainly DO NOT do!

Anyhow, in the past, I’ve wrapped jute around them, embellished them, sprayed them with chalkboard paint, and so on..  but this time I wanted to do some vintage glam – something you might find at Pottery Barn. 


Although I removed the label from the top, the wording on this bottle is actually raised lettering that could not be removed.  However, sanding the bottle worked perfectly.

After I cleaned it up, I sprayed it with a metallic bronze spray paint.


I then started to work away with ASCP in Provence. This shows the first coat but I ended up doing two coats.


I then got my 80 sanding block and started distressing the raised areas, sanding down to only the metallic paint in some areas and all the way down to the glass in others.


I used dark wax to create a light patina.

I chose to leave the lid metallic, but with the same distressing.


I can see a really cool monogram or stencil right in the middle, can’t you?  My daughter really likes this color so she will be taking this home with her.  I’ll let the new owner decide about a stenciled embellishment. 

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