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Friday, 27 April 2012

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Learn to Crochet for Beginners.. a little inspiration

A Few People have asked me about learning to crochet.  

Its quite simple, once you have mastered a few of the basic steps.  There are loads of sites that have already published tutorials, so I am going to give you the links to a couple of the ones that I think are worth a visit.

First take a look at my Pinterest board. Lots of gorgeous crochet that other people have done. Who says crochet has to be granny doilies !! a lot of the pics have free patterns with them.  So get inspired here : http://pinterest.com/tania_dunkley/crafty-knit-and-crochet/

These are a couple of my favourites 
(click on the pictures to see the original publisher)

crocheted giraffes... too adorable

step-by-step African flower
baby girl shoe crochet pattern baby bootie
crochet love

mosaic crochet/ tapestry crochet
Love the bright colours
love the colours
These are the cutest #crocheted booties ever! I love the color.

Now for the links to the lessons / videos etc:

This one has the basic steps, in 5 lessons:

This one is an online (free) book that shows you loads of stuff :

And another Crochet School here :

if you have any questions you know where to find me :) 
have fun!!!


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