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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Have fun....All Things Heart and Home: "Nurturing Creativity~Pinterest"

Posted: 01 Aug 2011 06:04 AM PDT
If you hang out with me here you know that I’ve been in a creative and physical slump(post HERE) for awhile and just a couple of months ago,  was diagnosised with Celiac Disease(post HERE) So this summer I’ve been learning to rest…but far be it from me not to try to stir my creative side while resting!

I’m doing several things to gently foster the creativity that I so love and I have to share one of those things with you…
Follow Me on Pinterest
Have you heard of Pinterest???  Oh my goodness people!  Do you have an inspiration board or a notebook full of photos ripped out of your favorite magazines?  Do you bookmark certain sites with recipes or DIY ideas or projects you want to revisit?
Wellllll…you’re gonna LOVE Pinterest!
Here’s what the Pinterest website  says:
Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.
There are a few ways to use Pinterest…
The first is to download Pinterest to your tool bar (instructions HERE) so any time you are visiting any website  (I’m talking a blog, or when you’re shopping online, an online magazine, meandering around flickr …any website!)you can simply hit: PinIt and immediately choose a photo to pin to one of your boards… forget unorganized bookmarking!  Later, you can go back to your board, find a particular photo, click on it…and like magic you are right back to the original website!   And no need to worry about giving credit to the post or photograph…the wonderful folks at Pinterest do that for you!
The next way to use Pinterest is one I really love!  Are you remodeling, redecorating, working on a big project, getting ready for a holiday party, looking for a new recipe, or just trying to stir your creative juices…type in a “search”.  And waaa-laaa up pops hundreds of images that other people have pinned all linking to their original websites! From there you can repin an image to one of your own boards or simply click and visit the website attached to the photograph!
And finally, as I’ve added to my inspiration boards (pinned to my boards!) other people have pinned the images that I’ve added. When that happens I get an email with their Pinterest name. If I have a minute, I go back and look around to see what they’ve pinned to their boards. This is like a treasure hunt! Most of the time I find so much inspiration on someone’s Pinterest , so I repin all that inspiration to my own boards…
People have been pinning lots of outdoor spaces lately…go HERE to see my All Things Outdoor Rooms board!
I’m (ever-so-slowly) redoing my bedroom and bathroom and I’ve been meandering around finding inspiration.  While I’m out and about on Pinterest, I’ve run across some gorgeous autumn inspirations and some gluten free recipes…and some Christmas bliss…and a few ideas for The Husband to consider doing in the back yard… and some photography that made my heart skip a beat…
I also have some boards that are simply bliss…ones that don’t necessarily inspire me to start a project…but they gently nurture creativity in me. This summer these boards are my favorites…
You have to have an invite to start pinning and it’s easy to request one…HERE…also, I have a few available invites that I can send out if you’re interested let me know in a comment! (My invites replenish but I don’t know how long it takes…right now I can send out 6. But more will pop up soon!)
If you already have Pinterest let me know so I can follow you! Maybe leave your name or link in the comments and we can all get new followers!  Follow my lovely boards at allheartandhome : HERE!

ps…there is a Pinterest iPhone app which is the BEST app I’ve ever used! It’s my go-to thing to do when I’m waiting! HERE’s the app. info!
Have an inspired week my friends…xo

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