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Monday, 17 October 2011


Exquisitely More, Seamlessly Less
Transform Your Designs with Crocheted Motifs

The days of painstakingly sewing together hundreds of crocheted seams and weaving in countless yarn tails are almost over! With Seamless Crochet, Kristin Omdahl's soon-to-be-released book, you'll be on your way to gorgeous transformed designs using one-of-a-kind seamless motif-joining crochet.

Kristin has pioneered a new technique for crocheters of all skill levels to create motif-based patterns in one piece, eliminating seams and leaving only two ends to weave in. Kristin's brand-new modular construction allows one motif to flow into the next, creating secure joins and beautiful geometric patterning on the exterior round.

Inside you'll find a showcase of 18 garment, home decor, and accessory projects from Kristin that will change the way you crochet forever. From pillows to shawls to blankets, these projects will show you just how versatile and time-saving this "tail-free" construction method is. As a bonus, Seamless Crochet also includes a helpful instructional DVD of Kristin explaining all the details of her new crochet technique. You'll also find a motif directory of original crochet motif designs with Kristin's expert advice on how to adapt any motif-based pattern to her one-of-a-kind seamless technique.

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