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Sunday, 30 October 2011

a find from Shabby Chic--- DIY printing block

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Posted: 29 Oct 2011 02:15 PM PDT
I’m smitten with block printing. There’s just something about the imperfections in the print that makes my creative side giggle. Guess I’m easily amused :)
The thrifty side of me is shocked by the cost of vintage printing blocks – up to $20+ each? I just shake my head and walk away. My thrifty side also knew there had to be a way to make them… and it was right. I know there’s a way to do them with linoleum blocks, but the vintage ones we all adore are usually made of wood… and you know I’m a fan of working with wood. Oh – and you can make these out of scraps – freeeeee!!!!
diy block printTake a smallish piece of wood and draw out your image. I free handed a leaf. You’ll also need just a little knobby bit for a handle (we’ll attach that later).
make your own printing blocksMeet my scroll saw. Don’t be scared… kinda think of it as a sewing machine for wood. It’s not so scary once you learn how to use one.
how to make printing blocksI used the scroll saw to cut out my shape – take your time, trace the line and let the blade do the work. After you cut it, sand the edges to get off any icky bits.
block print tutorialNext I drew on the veins free handed, then took a Dremel and lightly carved them into the wood. Just slight lines are all you need. Oh, then attach the little handle to the other side with a small pin nail or staple (sorry, I forgot to take a pic of that step.)
details in block printNow you’re ready to get to printing!
textile block printingUse a Speedball Roller to spread your textile ink/paint onto a smooth surface. Then use the ink like an inkpad, just press your new printing block into it, then onto your fabric.
block printing fabricAnd that’s how you make a printing block – yay! Come back tomorrow for a project on what to do with them :)
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