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Monday, 24 October 2011

use driftwood to decorate.....from Crafty Stuff online shop SA

Posted: 24 Oct 2011 01:39 AM PDT
I just love living at the coast (Port Elizabeth to be exact). Its such fun walking along the shoreline on a quiet beach and finding treasures to make into crafts. Besides all the shells, there are the little urchin shells and driftwood. I just loooove driftwood. I found this lovely idea for making a driftwood Christmas tree, am definitely going to make one!

driftwood christmas
 There are so many lovely ideas for using driftwood. 
I have put some amongst my potplants to 'hold' my rockery together.
These are a few more ideas that I found online that I was drooling over :

How about a cute reindeer? You could also use offcuts from a tree that you have pruned.

Or a pretty splashback for your basin
Bath and driftwood   

Just love these stars... 
Driftwood stars 

And this heart
driftwood heart 

Candle holder with leather straps... sooo cool!
driftwood candle holders 

I'm busy collecting to make one of these... shells, driftwood and some pretty seaglass to brighten it up. Will look so lovely on my patio
 And I WANT a picinic like this

And I'm collecting the big bits to make a big mirror next to the little splash pool on our patio, similar to this one.

 So the next time you take a stroll on the beach, stay away from the commercial beaches, find a quiet one, and meander along the shorline... let your imagination run wild!

Till next time!


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