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Sunday, 30 October 2011

from DIY a wreath so pretty - great share!

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 04:00 AM PDT
Post image for Pretty Wreath with Canvas Corp & Styrofoam
Hi Guys!  It’s Maryann from Domestically Speaking excited to share with you guys the details of this cute wreath I created with products from Canvas Corp and Dow Styrofoam.

Supplies Used:
Canvas Corp’s 12×12 Baby Papers is pretty blues
Dow Styrofoam wreath form
paper cutter/scissors
glue gun
burlap circles
straight pins

I started by creating the paper flowers.  To create them I cut the 12×12 paper into four 6×6 pieces.  Then with a pencil or pen you trace a corkscrew onto the paper… like such…

Take your scissors and round the corners of the paper and then cut on the line till you have a cute springy paper corkscrew.  Now take that cute corkscrew and crumple it up (I know it sounds crazy, but it will make wrapping your flower so much easier).

Now to roll the flowers, start at the outer end of the piece you cut out.  (So the outer cut tip will be the inner part of the flower)  You also want to put the print of your paper to the interior of the flower so it will show best.

Roll away until you get to the end of your corkscrew where you have the part that kinda looks like a snake head.
This is where I put a big glob of hot glue and then pressed the rolled flower on top, making sure to press it down (all the layers) so the flower stays intact.

After making a bunch of flowers I hot glued them onto the Dow Styrofoam wreath form.  To fill in the spaces between the flowers I took some burlap scraps I had and cut them into 2-3” circles.  I folded the circles in half and then half again and used a straight pin to press them into the Styrofoam in the places that needed a filler.

Love the pretty blue and the burlap!
This pretty wreath will find a home somewhere in my family room makeover (still going on).

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